"Patterns in Static" Instrumental Teaser

This is a teaser track consisting of instrumental pieces from all of the songs on the upcoming album "Patterns in Static". This track is not mixed or mastered.

Kaleb Burkhart - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mellotron, Prophet V, Bass Guitar
Jesse Cooper - Drums

New album "Patterns in Static" in 2017!

I've been quite pre-occupied with work and life in general over the last couple of years, which unfortunately meant less focus on music. Today, however, I have some great news to share with everyone! 

My friend Jesse Cooper from The Receiver will be joining me at Vaughn Music Studios for a weekend of drum tracking in early November with the fantastic Mark Abrams engineering the session!

If you haven't heard Jesse's drumming, check out all of The Receiver's music, especially their latest album 'All Burn' on Kscope (which is available as a beautiful gatefold LP). They became a huge musical influence for me from the moment that I heard the opening track on their first record 'Decades' back in 2008. Their live performances are incredible as well - top class and unmatched for a duo, in my opinion. You can also see Jesse perform at The Beatles Marathon annual gig (this year's is on 12-10-2016 at The Bluestone). I'm so grateful to Jesse for helping me out!

After tracking drums, I'll focus on updating the demos with final tracks, with a release some time in 2017 if all goes as planned.

Collecting Space will remain a home studio writing/recording project for now, but I hope to have live performances in the future.

- Kaleb